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The Blessing Is on the "GO!" – Information


Setting up a monthly donation of any amount to support evangelism is easy! Just click this link and set up an automatic donation by credit/debit card. You can also set up your donation through PayPal, but be sure to check the “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” box.

Not comfortable doing this online?

No problem. Just call us at 618-627-4651, or send us your information by mail. PO Box 220, West Frankfort, IL 62896.

April's Evangelistic Tool

April's tool is from our 2017 Spring Camp Meeting - Exposing the Counterfeit "Why Do You Claim There is a Sanctuary in Heaven?" by Mark Howard. Monthly members will receive this great sharing resource in the U.S. Mail. Be sure to share, share, share these resources!

Share Your "GO!" Experiences

We all love great stories, and we want to hear your experiences as the Lord opens up new opportunities for evangelism in your neighborhood! Is someone coming to church with you? Tell us about it by writing us or recording a 1–2 minute video on your smart phone and emailing it to GET@3abn.tv.